As another school year ends, let’s ponder our past year:
  • We’re mired in the outcome of a flawed testing system that was wrought with problems that negatively impact students, teachers, principals, and schools.
  • We’ve seen the appointment of a pro-voucher TEA Commissioner of Education who proceeded to clean house and hire 3 pro-voucher lieutenants.
  • Several pro-public education legislators retired. Voters elected a mixed bag of replacements who may, or may not, support public schools. The Texas Senate is firmly in the ‘destroy public education’ crowd, while the Texas House has turned into the rational chamber.
  • Floods have ravaged many parts of the state and there are school districts that will need to rush to repair and rebuild before the next school year.
  • Schools continue to best the expectations of the public and the legislature!
  • The members of TEPSA were very active in the last legislative session and helped bring about literacy and math academies, pre-K legislation, help for TRSCare, requirements for a valid and reliable test (that’s not working for us, is it). You also helped defeat bills that dealt with vouchers, parent triggers, and denial of payroll deductions for associations.
Most of all though, you’ve had opportunities to work with over 3.4 million children across Texas! You have been, and continue to be, their lifeline for a happy, productive life!
When I retired after 33 years of education, 30 of those as a principal or assistant principal, in schools from 1,200 students to 600 students, I figure I have been blessed to work with over 24,000 students. How many have you touched in a positive manner?  I hope you realize as you go through the coming years that you make a wonderful, positive impression on kids.
Thank you for your service.
Hey, let’s start a conversation on students (no names of course) who have made an impact on you. Reply to this blog and tell us your story.
Mark Terry, Deputy Executive Director