Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why are we principals?

Recently, I received a text message from Josh, a former student of mine.  He is working in Austin and asked to take me out to brunch with his sister, Rachel.  I was flattered and pleased to visit with two 'kids' who have grown up.  We talked about how they were doing, how were their parents, and we reminisced about our time as students and principal.

When I am asked why anyone would want to be a principal, the reason is pictured above.  Everyday you walk the halls of your school touching the lives of children.  You are an encourager, an example, a 'dad/mom,' and someone students look to for guidance.

Come to think of it, your teachers and parents look to you for the same things. 

Thank you for 'being there' for your kids and communities.  Your town, your state, and this nation needs you.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Turnaround Schools Have Great Principals!

Kirsten Hund, Dr. Dominique Klein and Mark Terry

TEPSA was glad to host Dr. Dominique Klein from the Universitat Duisburg Essen, Germany recently. She is studying turnaround schools and the importance of principals in efforts to improve the performance of low-performing schools in Germany. I'm proud she chose to include the efforts of Texas schools in her research.

But, who can blame her? As I visit schools throughout Texas, time after time I see courageous, creative, skilled principals changing the face of education. We know how much effort goes into leading schools toward dramatic improvement. I applaud you and TEPSA thanks you for your work on behalf of children.